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Organizing & Packing

Organizing & Packing

Whether our clients desire to become more organized or simplified in place, to transition from a larger space to a smaller one, or to grow from a smaller space to a larger one, BetterLifeSpace tailors our assistance to the client.  We have successfully helped customers in all every aspect of transition, from packing and unpacking to organization and storage to furniture placement, staging and decoration/design.

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BetterLifeSpace is committed to helping client’s rightsize their lives with as little stress as possible…whether transitioning from a large space to something more manageable or from a small space to something more accommodating.  We help each client find ways to achieve balance in midst of change.

Some clients simply need assistance with properly packing and unpacking their possessions to prevent damage when relocating or storing them.  Our associates have experience with packing and unpacking for dozens of both personal and professional moves.

Some clients find their spaces out of control and ask us to help them organize it.  That might involve redesigning physical space so the client can better manage it.  It might involve mapping and designing a file place or office workflow.  It could even be helping the client decide to turn excess possessions into cash for other purposes.

Some clients need help with staging.  That could come from a need to refresh or update their home and office spaces to keep pace with current styles and trends.  It could also come from transition to a new space where the client needs assistance making that space a reflection of themselves and their design preferences. BetterLifeSpace is experienced in both scenarios and capably innovates for all clients.

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Organizing & Packing February 21, 2017
BetterLifeSpace provides a full range of transition services which link real estate services with handyman services, with packing, organizing, structuring, and staging services, and with the coordination and conduct of estate sales.

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